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Milk is the first online contraceptive practice.

We want you to be informed about EVERYTHING contraception. Even the bad. We deal with mistakes and chat about periods, a lot.

So, welcome and you’re welcome.

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Hey, I’m Monique former introvert turned adrenaline junkie ER doctor. Contraception shouldn’t be difficult to access and should be hassle-free and done with no judgement.

Sick people go to GP’s, right? WRONG. Healthy women have to sit there, read 2-year-old magazines with old gossip, wait forever for the “always late” doctor to just give her one overly priced piece of paper, CONTRACEPTION. Well, welcome to the only good thing 2021 has to offer. No doctor’s visits if you’re not sick. Bam. Period. See what I did there.

Launched in 2021 (Lauv voice) as a community of strong, take it by the balls type of women who want to keep their private business just that. Milk offers contraception scripts to all ladies aged above 16 (keeping it legal guys) whether that be the day after pill or just your regular stuff.

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I love teaching patients, and my ultimate goal is to keep you informed.
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