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Accessing Contraception has now become easier than finding your very. specific. bra. size.


Frequently Asked Questions

I think the only adequate answer is to just answer with another question. Does it even exist? Likely answer to both your questions: No, it doesn’t exist. But! We can damn well look for one that is close enough to perfect.

We’ll delve into what contraception best suite your needs in one of our Mondays with Mo vlogs. But in the meantime, feel free to asks away!

This is individualized for every different brand of Pill.

Check your cheat sheet for advice on what to
do! Or alternatively ask away!

The aim here is to keep the turn around time as short as possible.

I dislike saying no, but with this there is no better answer. So, unfortunately no, after contemplating this. I just don’t love admin that much.

Okay, firstly. Breath. This is not my first rodeo. Find below the details of practitioners/ facilities that can help you.

Remember to check in with your mental health when going through something like this. You don’t have to do this alone.

Yes, they can! The following pharmacies can deliver your script straight to your front door. Don’t stress if you don’t see one close to you. Most pharmacies delivery nowadays.

Were in the process to make sure you don’t have to even go out of your house to get access to contraception.

Well for my wit of course. Kidding.

We’re an online contraceptive practice that deals with no fuss access of all types of contraception, even the emergency ones.

You don’t need to put on a bra or leave the house to get contraception? Do I have your attention now?

This is a one-page summary of everything you need to know about your contraception that you’ve been prescribed.

It’s a light read and pretty to look at. Feel free to print it out or keep it on your phone for ease of access!

I break down how to use your contraception, why you were prescribed that specific one, to possible side-effects and what to do if you messed up.

This means you’re one of our lucky giveaway winners. Congrats!

It’s a freebee that you can redeem within 6 months of issue. It’s a contraception gift card.

R350 per script (3/ 6 months script).
R350 for a consult (if a script is required, you get that too!)
I don’t want to punish you if you don’t have your suitable contraception yet.

Stay informed about contraceptives

Unintended pregnancies can have major repercussions that affect a woman’s life and life course. These mistimed or unwanted pregnancies are associated with negative health and economic outcomes for women of all ages and their families (Cheng et al. 2009; Gipson, Koenig, and Hindin 2008). Contraception can help a woman and her partner prevent an unintended pregnancy and may also be associated with broader health, social, and economic benefits for women and their families (Bailey 2013; Sonfield et al. 2013). Moreover, women report that contraception allows them to take better care of themselves and their families by completing their education, keeping a job, and supporting themselves financially (Frost and Duberstein Lindberg 2013).


Unsurprisingly, most unintended pregnancies occur among women who are not using contraception effectively. Women who do not use birth control or who have long gaps in use account for 54 percent of these unintended pregnancies, and women who use birth control inconsistently or incorrectly account for another 41 percent. Only 5 percent of unintended pregnancies occur among women who consistently use contraception correctly (Guttmacher Institute 2016).

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